We have the best team of trained and experienced investigators, based in different parts of India. We offer all the types of IPR Investigations, ranging from sample collections to ascertaining the source of infringing or counterfeit goods. Our competitive edge is that we use local resources which enables us to extract and collect relevant information without raising suspicion of the target party. The use of local resources also helps us in collecting detailed information at reasonable cost. We have conducted IPR investigations for and against a number of industries, including but not limited to Pharmaceutical, Automobiles, Garments, FMCG etc. It is pertinent to mention here that an effective investigation is sine-qua-non for a strong legal and enforcement action. During the investigation, the evidence of misuse is collected along with relevant information such as manner and extent of use of mark, areas where counterfeit or infringing product are supplied, financial status of the party etc. We will provide you a detailed report containing information which will enable you to formulate an effective strategy to stop the misuse of your brand by the target party.

We also have a team of online investigators which helps in extracting details of a target party through online searches. They also find the details of persons and entities associated with the target entity. The online search is also useful in searching different addresses of the target entity. If the target entity is a registered company, they download and analyze the financial statements of the company. The above-mentioned exercise is generally conducted prior to field investigation and is very helpful in formulating an effective strategy for IPR investigations. Further, the online experts also give backup to field investigators during the course of investigation and ensure that all the important aspects of the investigation are covered. We believe in quality and this is the reason of our success in this competitive environment.

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