Welcome To Singh Risk Management Services

Singh Risk Management Services is a Delhi based Risk Management Company with offices in Delhi, India and Feltham, United Kingdom. We have operations in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. We offer a wide array of services which include Enterprise Risk Management, Brand Protection, Background Check, Due Diligence, Insurance Claim Verification, Skip Trace, IPR Investigation, IPR enforcement, Trademark Sale/Purchase, Market Survey, Mystery Shopping, Undercover Operation, Child Activities Check, Process Service, Manual Surveillance, Electronic Surveillance, Fingerprint Collection Service etc. The services are offered to individual and corporate clients and we gave equal importance and attention to all our clients. The risks related to business are constantly increasing and so is the necessity to deal with risks in a systematic and organized manner. We suggest our clients to build a robust system within the organization to deal with risks and review, update and enhance the system on regular intervals according to the change in circumstances. The risks are internal as well as external and should be properly managed to prevent from causing any harm.

We have a separate team of experts which undertakes special assignments such as financial investigation, investigation against fraudulent employees or management personnel, analysis of supply chain to find loopholes, fraudulent activities by franchisees, business partners, associates or suppliers. The team will analyze the matter in depth and then formulate an effective strategy which will be used to obtain the desired information. The planning and implementation process is very important in such matters and investigation is done with utmost care by experts. In some cases, the strategy has to be modified during the investigation on the basis of inputs of the investigation in earlier stage. Further, the scope of the investigation has to be expanded in some cases if the involvement of persons other than the suspect comes to light. It is generally easier to commit fraud in collusion with other employees as they can help each other in committing the fraud and also in destroying evidence. You will be kept informed at all stages and your consent will be taken before making any change in the strategy.

Our competitive edge is that we provide customized solutions according to the requirement of our clients. Initially, our expert will analyze the matter in detail and then suggest an effective strategy to you, taking into consideration the nature of the investigation, sensitivity of the matter, area where investigation is to be conducted, party against whom the investigation is to be conducted and urgency of the matter. We have a strong team of expert investigators and deploy them according to their skills and experience. Apart from simple investigations where a single investigator completes the assignment, all the assignments are executed by a team of investigators comprising two to five investigators.

We strongly oppose the use of child labour and bonded labour and can help you to find out if your supplier is engaged in such unethical activities. You may also want to assure that the business in which you have invested in the form of shareholders, venture capitalists or partner is not involved in unethical activities. We can also check and monitor that the funds you have donated to NGOs and charitable bodies are properly being utilized.

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